Home Styling

If you can’t quite achieve the look you want for your home, we are on hand to work with you to create the home of your dreams using the furniture, furnishings and accessories you already have.  We are experts in re-presenting rooms to make the best use of available natural light, favourite items of furniture or a particular feature.  We can also recommend colour-schemes when re-decorating.

Home Staging for Sale

Are you selling or about to sell your home and need help presenting it for sale?  Styling a home for sale is more than simple de-cluttering.  It is about maximising the space available and helping potential purchasers to visualise themselves living in the property as well as maximising the potential sale price.

We are experienced in working with estate agents and auctioneers to establish the maximum sale value of properties in an area in order to advise clients on how best to stage their home to achieve the highest possible sale price.

This can range from re-presenting each room using the furniture, furnishings and accessories already in the home to a complete clear-out and re-style using our trusted tradespeople and hired furniture, furnishings and accessories. 

We also style unfurnished properties, transforming them from a house into a home, with a view to increasing interest in the property and, ultimately, the sale price.

Rental property kit-outs

If you have an unfurnished investment property that needs to be prepared for rental, or find yourself an accidental landlord, we can provide a complete kit-out service which comprises every item a tenant could ever want.  We work to an agreed budget and timeline and only supply items that comply with health and safety and fire safety legislation. We also provide complete inventories of contents on completion.