Holiday Homes

Holiday homes are special places.  They are where family and friends gather for fun and friendship, making memories that last a lifetime.  They are also places that require special design attention as the space needs to feel like a home away from home whether someone is staying there on their own or you need to find some extra space to accommodate a couple of extra guests.  Equally, no one wants to spend their holiday maintaining a property, so low-maintenance is an important requirement, as is the ability to ‘lock up and go’ without a worry.

We can help you create the holiday home of your dreams that allows you to enjoy your down-time in a comfortable, functional space that makes best use of views, space and natural light.  And, depending on your hobbies and interests, we can create bespoke storage areas for surf boards and water sports equipment, skis, bicycles…even wellington boots that allow you to indulge your passions without cluttering up your holiday home with equipment or dirty boots!

We have worked on a host of projects at home and abroad and, as part of all projects, take care of all of the necessary permissions and paperwork for our clients.  We are also able to future-proof holiday homes, designing them to holiday home star standards, should you wish to also use your holiday home to generate an income when you are not there.