We believe that every design can be a sustainable design without adding extra costs onto the bottom line. 

This is achieved through the clever use of materials, sustainable sourcing and, where possible and appropriate, re-purposing existing materials on-site or using recycled materials.

Additionally, sustainable design also encompasses energy and water usage and so renewable energy sources and water-efficient systems are also considered as part of all designs not just in a bid to reduce a property’s carbon footprint, but also to reduce utility bills on an ongoing basis. 

Gwen Kenny is also Ireland’s leading Biophilic designer.  Biophilic design concentrates on a building’s connection to the natural environment, bringing the outside in and the inside out, and has proven health, environmental and economic benefits.  Biophilic design can be as simple as purposefully optimising windows to make the most of a glorious view or natural daylight, using natural materials or incorporating green walls into every home’s own natural rainforest…the bathroom!

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