We believe that a culture of shared values provides the perfect foundation for a good and productive working relationship.  The things that are important to us are:

  • Honesty: just as we commit to being open and transparent with our clients, we expect the same from our suppliers and partners.
  • Ethics: we are committed to ensuring that we do not harm people or places in the course of our work.  This includes sourcing products responsibly and not purchasing items made using child labour, slave labour, dangerous work-practices or environmentally harmful processes.  We also commit to paying our partners and suppliers a fair rate for their work or products and paying them on time. 
  • Sustainability: sustainability is the bedrock of our business and we incorporate sustainable design practices and sustainable sourcing into all our work.  Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes and isn’t limited to environmentally friendly products.  It also means designing something that can sustain itself seamlessly from one generation to another.
  • Being a good neighbour: we pride ourselves in being a good neighbour both at our headquarters and when on-site.
  • Quality: we are in the business of creating quality spaces using quality materials and quality tradespeople.  Put simply…if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.
  • Flexibility: we are always open to change, even if it means re-working a project.
  • Innovation: always at the forefront of new innovations, we are constantly looking for new ideas that deliver an enhanced level of quality, comfort, convenience and value for our clients.
  • Respect: we respect our clients and their wishes…even though we might challenge them now and again!  Equally, we respect the people we work with and the places in which we work.
  • Compliance: we don’t cut corners when it comes to complying with regulation and legislation, nor do we allow our suppliers and trusted tradespeople to do so either.