About Us

Divine Design

Our talented design team are specialists in creating unique, bespoke, luxury interiors using innovative and creative solutions.

Our other key skills, the reasons our clients appoint us include:

  • Excellent communication skills, needed to bring a project to fruition and to convey how the brief has been interpreted and fulfilled to the client
  • Materials knowledge and awareness of the latest technological developments in interior architecture and fabrication, allow us to push the boundaries of what is possible
  • Problem-solving abilities, an essential skill when delivering on the tight deadlines of our projects
  • Understanding of our clients’ commercial concerns, resulting in a solution-based creative design and contributing to the achievement of their strategic business objectives
  • Extensive expertise in the restoration of period buildings
  • Unrivalled knowledge of sustainable green environmentally friendly design

Gwen Kenny

Gwen Kenny, our lead interior designer, is a multi-award winning, acclaimed professional and is one of the most experienced designers in Ireland. She is renowned for her personal approach and exacting attention to detail.

Her pursuit of excellence and sustainability in design distinguish her from her peers, making her a sought-after name by prominent businesspeople, successful professionals and other discerning clients. She has an unparalleled depth of experience and skill honed over more than 25 years in the industry alongside a wealth of qualifications, including her Masters in Professional Design Practice.

Her relentless curiosity and hunger for knowledge give Gwen (and her clients) an advantage in that she is always on top of state-of-the-art products and innovations, combining these to push the boundaries of what is possible. Gwen also lectures upcoming interior designers at the Dublin Institute of Design.

Tadhg Kenny

Tadhg Kenny is a master craftsman and carpenter trained in the old traditional methods. He comes from a long line of master craftsmen who worked on the iconic Lyons Demesne Estate, Co. Kildare. Three of his great granduncles are buried in the Estate cemetry in tribute to their outstanding contribution.

Tadhg’s rich heritage in design and craftsmanship, handed down through the many generations has inspired his lifelong passion for traditional methods. He graduated from Bolton Street in 1993 having honed his joinery skills working in a boatbuilding and restoration company.

Tadhg is a highly creative individual who thrives on the collaboration with other specialists and craftspeople that are as passionate and attentive to detail as he is, in the quest to create something totally special and unique. His custom made joinery is based on decades of acquired skill, the mastering of traditional hand skills and a true dedication to his trade.

His portfolio of diverse projects range from work on listed and period buildings, to specialist commercial and residential work to creating his bespoke one off pieces of furniture. Tradition, longevity and quality are the hallmarks of his work.