We recently sat down with www.blueinsurance.ie where they asked us for a bit of insight into exactly what kind of things you should be considering when it comes to designing your home. Our founder Gwen was there to talk about her own story and give everyone some inspiration when it comes to both designing for any budget and making the leap to buy a new home.

Tell us about how you got into design and the story of how Divine Design began?

I have always had an interest in design and went straight into it after school. As with many business owners, necessity was how I started Divine Design. I used to be a designer for Grafton Group, which involved a lot of traveling, designing products and interiors. When I decided to start a family, traveling was not something I wished to do and I wanted to be my own boss.

What kind of design features do you specialise in?

We specialise in high-end, finely detailed yet comfortable and luxurious interiors.  There is no ‘in-house’ style as we tailor each design entirely to the client and space.  We are specialists in smart homes and high-tech installations

Where do you draw your inspirations from (other countries/eras/designers)?

Eileen Gray is an inspiration to any designer. She was 100 years ahead of her time, and constantly mixed and used new materials and technologies, something we are proud to do today.

What sets you apart from others in the industry?

Our USP is Divine Design Bespoke, our highly skilled team that realises our unique designs, individual to each client.  This in-house capability is a significant advantage when it comes to commissioning bespoke pieces that showcase quality craftsmanship and fine detailing. Our team can marry woodwork, metalwork, glass work, veneer marquetry, marble and stone work among other materials to create anything from contemporary designs to intricately carved traditional pieces. Imagination is our only limitation!

What are the most common design “faux pas” that you see in Irish homes?

A lack of bravery when it comes to adding interest through colour and texture.  At Divine Design, we love to see homes that embody the personalities of their inhabitants but many homeowners don’t feel confident straying from the safer neutrals.  Another faux-pas is hanging curtains too low and tight to the window.  We try to optimise the flow of natural light in all our residential designs but if the light is being blocked at source by disproportional window treatments, it can impact the whole space.

What advice would you have to someone designing on a budget?

Keep expensive ‘big ticket items’ neutral and bring pops of colour & texture in with smaller more decorative items that can be updated with the changing trends if desired.

Your top tips for people buying a new home?

  • Try to think of where you will be in 10 years – is this the home you will be in? If so, make sure it will fit any future needs.
  • Employ a reliable surveyor for peace of mind
  • Pay heed to BER ratings – you will feel the difference every winter

Hopes for the future/plans/anything else you want to say about Divine Design?

We hope to continue creating dream spaces for our clients and to build on the success we have had at Divine Design over the last 12 years.

“This feature is adapted from an original blog by Blue Insurance. Blue Insurance is an Irish award-winning insurance provider that specialises in a range of insurance products, including car and home insurance. Some of Blue’s other successful brands are Multitrip.comGadgetInsurance.com,  CarHireExcess.ie and PetInsurance.ie.”