What is the Magic of Divine Design?

Since the earliest days of Divine Design, most of our business has come through referrals and repeat business.  As our clients do most of our marketing for us, we haven’t been pushed to define exactly what it is that sets us apart.  Our firm has continued to grow, right through the recession on the strength of our reputation and our clients’ experience with us.

However, our new design blog is a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to a wider audience beyond our circle of clients who know and love us and to examine exactly what the magic of Divine Design is.  What is it that enables us to exceed expectations on a project and to give our client something special every time?

We have turned our gaze inward for once in order to see what it is that our clients love about us and why they keep coming back.  Of course we create beautifulfunctional spaces – we love design here, we love beauty and we love to innovate.  But we see some of our contemporaries creating dynamic and gorgeous interiors too.  So we have dug deeper and narrowed it down to three of the qualities that most distinguish us from our peers.

In going back through our portfolio, one thing that stands out relative to other interior designers is the striking variety in our work.  We have seen many designers apply variations on their signature style to a range of projects, for sure, but our capacity to adapt to such a wide variety of design styles is rare.  Repetition is not in our repertoire.  We think this comes from our earnest approach to each design project, where we place learning about the client and the building context first and foremost.  Respecting the unique wishes of each homeowner or the brand DNA of a business leads to a design outcome with integrity.

The next thing that differentiates us is our professional and technical knowledge.  This is something that our commercial clients rely on us absolutely for.  Navigating the building regulation environment, health and safety requirements, guidance on the technical performance of the materials and products we are specifying, minimizing ongoing maintenance costs for businesses, managing shipping and lead times to optimize project schedules, the list is endless!  But our experience and expertise means that our clients don’t have to deal with these headaches and can wholeheartedly put their trust in us.  The longest and most fruitful relationships we have built with both commercial and residential clients have this implicit trust in common.

Our final USP, one that has been honed right through the recession and beyond is our commercial sensibility in design.  Our team are highly qualified and well-rounded in their balance of skills that complement each other, true Renaissance women and men!  We understand the varied considerations that go into a successful commercial or hospitality space, from workflow efficiency to the psychology of colour, space and light in creating atmosphere through to experiential design and everything in between.  But most of all, we understand the primacy of the bottom line for any business.  We have become well known for our hospitality design, with a small sample of recent projects including the redesign of all four bars in the Olympia Theatre and a new bar and event space in the Teeling Whiskey Distillery.  One example that illustrates how we weave the business objectives through every aspect of our designs is in the Portrait Bar in the Olympia.  The demands on a theatre bar are specific in that patrons need to be served within a short space of time during intervals.  This bar was formerly laid out as a linear bar on one side of the space but by re-imagining this as a circular bar in the centre of the room, we increased the counter length without sacrificing any floor space.  We calculated the optimal circumference to achieve the required uplift in speed of service and, as a direct result, bar revenue.  In fact the business observed an immediate increase in revenue of 15% as a result of this.

We are very proud of the work we have done and continue to do here at Divine Design.  While it is lovely to receive the external validation of the various awards and accolades we have earned along the way, the pride and satisfaction that comes from excelling and continuing to innovate in our design work, creating exceptional spaces is what motivates us and the smiles on our clients’ faces are the ultimate reward.

We hope to share more of ourselves with you through this blog as time goes on, giving you insights into life in our design studio, imparting some design knowledge, and hopefully inspiring a passion for thoughtful, dynamic design in our readers.